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End-to-end crew management with our on-line crew database and knowledge system, improves efficiency and safety and reduces the cost.

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Since our establishment in 1991, with just over 25 vessels in our manned fleet, “Crossworld” has been continually gaining market share and experience. In March 2004 a change in our management style substantially reinforced our skills and expertise and became the springboard for the rapid expansion we have experienced since then. Our manned fleet is now in excess of 300 vessels under a large number of distinguished principals.


Shipping is regulated globally by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The harsh nature of the sea exposes ships to considerable physical risk, so a total commitment to safety pervades all deep sea shipping operations.

Shipping is the least environmentally damaging form of commercial transport and, compared with land based industry, is a comparatively minor contributor to marine pollution from human activities.

About 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Without shipping, the import/export of affordable food and goods would not be possible - half the world would starve and the other half would freeze!



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Training & education

We believe in the importance of crew training in the efficient and safe operation of its principals vessels.

We provide continuous training and upgrade of our Seafarers through our Inhouse Marina Accredited Training facility.
This is conducted through our Roster of retired ex crew who are now permanent Crossworld employees.

Our partnered training centers include: Philcamsat, Gigamare, Idess and PMMA.

Inhouse Training

  • CBT (Computer Based Training)
  • On demand
  • Government Mandatory



    and find out more about the courses:

MARINA accredited
Voyage Planning 1 Day
Victualing 1 Day
Collision Regulation 2 Days
International safety management code 1 Day
ME Engine Electronic course (for MAN B&W diesel engine) 5 days
Port State Control Orientation course 2 days
Principals detailed SMS  
Ship security awareness training - seafarers with designated security duties 1 Day
Ship security officer 3 Days
Consolidated MARPOL 73/78 Annexes I-VI 5 Days
Marlins N/A
Safebridge specific type ECDIS N/A
CES TEST 5.3.1 N/A
ECP (Environmental compliance & ISO) N/A
Safebridge online ECDIS. N/A

If you are interested in participating in the training courses, please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW or CONTACT US


our promise

Our Promise

CROSSWORLD MARINE SERVICES is a believer of talent. The company’s vision revolves around this firm belief from its own people and extends beyond the boundaries of the organization. As such, we see not only the now but in the creation of long term plans and programs for the development, enhancement and growth of its employees, the seafarers and the clients it serves. The services provided by the company is centered on people and creating an atmosphere of opportunity that exponentially expands their dreams and aspirations.

Our Services

CROSSWORLD MARINE SERVICES INC. knows the market it serves. The years of experience and thousands of seafarers that became the perennial movers in their areas of deployment enabled it to surpass industry standards in terms of quality of service and commitment to its partners and clients. As our partners, you will be given full access to global standard services that includes among others Manning and Crew Management, HR Services, Crewing Services and Client Specific Maritime and Technical Skills Training.

Career Advancement


Chief Engineer


Chief Engineer





Chief Engineer

One of Crossworld’s foremost business principle is in how it values it partnerships. The value of the company’s formed relationships are very much at the core of its long-term vision. For the past decades ever since Crossworld was built, the company has worked hard to nurture their relationships with their Principals, their diligent Filipino seafarers, their office staff, and have extended the same treatment to their families.

Because of this, Crossworld has emerged as the country’s leading provider of professional and competent Filipino seafarers to international vessels. Unbeknown to many, the company doesn’t just stop at providing the standard seafaring job.

In fact, you can find some of Crossworld’s former and current marine officers in the company working in office jobs today. One of these is Crisostomo Aragoza or more fondly known as Sir Cris. He now works as a technical assessor for engine at the company’s Makati office.

When asked the best thing Crossworld has imparted to him, “I’m glad I was given a chance to take on a land-based job that’s still related to the maritime profession,” said Sir Cris, whose passion for the field is no doubt obvious.

Crossworld’s excellence didn’t escape Sir Cris’ notice. He says that what he likes about the company is that “It’s stable, treats their people fairly, and provides good salary and benefits.”

As integral partners of the company, Crossworld made sure that it had offices in various parts of the country. Its main branches as well as the ones in Visayas and Mindanao enjoy regular assemblies to enrich relationships between the staff and to celebrate everyone’s talents and contribution to the company. Everyone anticipates these gatherings as an opportunity to have mingle with everyone else.

Overall, Crossworld’s involvement in the lives of the seafarers they recruit span not just throughout their professional career but even when the time comes that they retire from sea duty.

The company is one of the few seafaring and manning agencies in the country that offers alternative land-based employment. This ensures that retirees or those who want to work on their off time can still use their years of experience as technical assessors or maritime instructors to the next generation of aspiring Filipino seafarers.



Chief Engineer 

Many seafarers often think of their future. From retirement to allocating their time offshore, the worries can go on and on. For many, finding an option outside of their shipboard job for land-based opportunities is often tough. Crossworld knows this frustration all too well and has made it one of their priorities over the coming years. 

It’s pretty common for seafarers to work at sea for most of the year and then come ashore for a few months. While the usual thing to do is to rest and spend time, some would rather have an extended stay but are worried of not having a source of income.

In the case of Emmanuel Estanque, what he did is become Crossworld’s part-time technical assessor for engine and deck while still remaining as an active seafarer. The 50-year-old 2nd engineer last went aboard on the sea this July 2016 and started his career more than two decades ago.

Estanque’s desire to put his skills to good use even when not on board made him take up a land-based job at Crossworld. When he joined Crossworld a few years back, “I was really grateful for being given an opportunity to do a job I enjoy and to work with other competent people,” said Estanque.

Despite the fact that other manning agencies have folded up in the last few years, Estanque isn’t particularly worried and affected when it comes to his job. “My first impression of Crossworld is that it’s a stable company. The working condition is definitely exceptional as well.”

He goes on board once a year and after arriving, he assists Crossworld as a technical assessor. “I’m proud of working for Crossworld and being able to select candidates and assign them to the right job,” said Estanque.

Pursuing a career in the seafaring industry doesn’t have to end. With a company like Crossworld, seafarers who value their specialized skills, rigorous training, and hard work they’ve built over the years can still enjoy the fruits of their career outside the typical work aboard a ship.




Captain Tabaldo, started with Crossworld last April 2005, he started as third officer and eventually promoted as Master in the year 2013.
After signing off from being a seafarer in 2013, he was asked to work at Crossworld’s office as an owner’s representative for Diana principal. Currently, 47-year-old, he previously worked as a Master during his time aboard the ship.

His journey on becoming a master was never an easy journey, yet pursuing a career in the seafaring industry doesn’t have to end. With a company like Crossworld, seafarers who value their specialized skills, rigorous training, and hard work they’ve built over the years can still enjoy the fruits of their career outside the typical work aboard a ship.



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